Vinyl Wraps

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Our wraps require a 30 minute consultation to talk about your requests, explain all that is involved in the wrap process and all that will be included in your final pricing. Afterward you will meet with our designer to design, price and establish an estimated delivery date. We only use 3M or Avery vinyl on our wrap installations. This process takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Are you looking to change the color of your ride? Vinyl wrap is hands down the best option for a vehicle color change. When compared to other options for a vehicle color changes, vinyl wrap is more affordable, durable, and reliable and offers a range of color options that aren’t available with any other product.

At Precedence Auto Reconditioning we specialize in car, truck, and SUV vinyl wraps. Our installers have years of experience and thousands of vinyl wraps under their best to provide your car an unforgettable look. Our installers will ensure there are no bubbles, tears, streaks, or wrinkles in your wrap. We have perfected the ability to minimize seams, tuck corners properly, and prep your vehicle before the wrap so your investment will last.

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